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Spring 2017

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Featured Performers

U.S. Navy Blue Angels

This year’s headliner is one of the most well-known jet teams in the world. The U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels feature top-performing, career fighter pilots that have logged hours upon hours of in-flight combat duty, and will demonstrate their expertise on October 28 and 29 as they soar across the North Texas sky. Their flight demonstration exhibits choreographed refinements of skills possessed by all naval aviators. The Blue Angels’ C-130, affectionately known as Fat Albert, begins each demonstration by exhibiting its maximum performance capabilities during a 10 minute performance. Shortly thereafter, fans will get to witness the pinnacle of precision flying, be dazzled by mind-blowing stunts, graceful acrobatic maneuvers and maybe even get to see a dog fight or two! This year’s Bell Helicopter Fort Worth Alliance Air Show is one event that you can't afford to miss!

Bell Helicopter 429

Once again we are elated to have presenting sponsor Bell Helicopter kick off the 2017 Bell Helicopter Fort Worth Alliance Air Show with a fly by! The Bell 429 is truly unsurpassed in its class and it’s a treat that we get to have it here. Get ready to cheer, whoop and holler because once you see the Bell 429, you know the fun is about to begin at one of the largest air shows in the country.

Patriot Parachute Team

Performing for the first time ever at the Bell Helicopter Fort Worth Alliance Air Show is the Patriot Parachute Team! This team of professional parachutists formerly served as active duty Navy SEALs. As SEALs, parachuting into challenging environments is something that comes second nature to this team. Their dazzling stunts will be sure to have you on the edge of your seat. We are thrilled to have them on board!

Shockwave Jet Truck

A fan favorite, the world’s fastest jet-powered semi is coming back to the Bell Helicopter Fort Worth Alliance Airshow! The triple engine truck generates an incredible 36,000 horsepower and reaches speeds of 300 miles per hour! Look on as the Shockwave Jet Truck sets a blaze streaking down the Fort Worth Alliance Airport runway.

Michael Goulian

Joining us all the way from Massachusetts is one of North America’s most decorated aerobatic pilots and recognized aviation professionals, Michael Goulian. Throughout his 30-year career, Goulian has devoted himself to excellence in the air, and in business. He will be flying an Extra 330 DC in a heart-stopping, gyroscopic tumbling routine, complete with precision acrobatics that are sure to stun!

Rob Holland

Rob Holland’s rise to the top of the aerobatics industry started with him as a young airshow fan in his native New England. Now in his 15th year as a full-time airshow pilot, Holland has distinguished himself by blazing a trail of innovation, developing maneuvers never before seen at an airshows. We are elated to see him perform and welcome him back to the Bell Helicopter Fort Worth Alliance Air Show!

Sean D. Tucker

Always a crowd pleaser, Sean D. Tucker is an experienced aviator that brings his breadth of knowledge in high-energy precision aerobatic sky-dance. Named as one of the Living Legends of Flight, he is a member of an elite group of aviators and astronauts that includes General Jimmy Doolittle, General “Chuck” Yeager, and John Glenn. You won’t want to miss his routine, a true experience to behold!

Gene Soucy and Teresa Stokes

Gene Soucy has an airshow career spanning 4 decades. He is a former member of the record-setting Eagles Aerobatic Flight Team, has been a member of two World Champion U.S. Aerobatic Teams. He currently performs three of the top airshow acts in the world; a night aerobatic routine with fireworks on his airplane, a Wingwalking Act with Teresa Stokes, and a powerful low level solo airshow his 450 HP biplane the ShowCat.

Bob Carlton

A first-timer to the Bell Helicopter Fort Worth Alliance Air Show Bob Carlton is one of the most versatile airshow performers in North America. He began flying airshows in his Salto sailplane, and over the years has continued to add innovative performances such as biplane aerobatics, helicopter sailplane tow, night aerobatics with strobes & pyro and the world's only twin jet sailplane. The tradition of innovation continues with the recent addition of the Super Salto jet sailplane, with more power, more speed and more aerobatic capability than any other sailplane on the planet!

Trojan Phlyers

We are beyond excited that the pilots of Trojan Phlyers are coming to the Bell Helicopter Fort Worth Alliance Airshow! Get ready for the smoke, the thunder and the excitement as they salute the veterans of our great nation and the men and women who continue to serve and protect us today.

Cavanaugh Flight Museum

A definite must see for the historical aviation enthusiast: the flights of warbirds from the Cavanaugh Flight Museum. Seeing these beautiful planes in the sky will be a blast from the past that will provide you with a glimpse of what it must have been like to be a part of this era.

F-16 Viper Demo Team

The F-16 Viper Demonstration Team is awesome! Watch them in action at the Bell Helicopter Fort Worth Alliance Airshow as they perform precision aerial maneuvers that demonstrate the unique capabilities by one of the Air Force’s premier multi role fighters, the F-16 Fighting Falcons.

U.S. Air Force Heritage Flight

The Air Force Heritage Flight celebrates U.S. air power history through annual Heritage Flight demonstrations and offer a living museum of, and aerial monument to, U.S. Air Force history. These performances feature modern fighter/attack aircraft flying alongside World War II, Korea and Vietnam-era aircraft, celebrating and recognizing the sacrifice of those currently serving as well as the sacrifices of war heroes of the past. We are honored to have the team performing at this year’s Bell Helicopter Fort Worth Alliance Air Show.

David Martin

David Martin, from Possum Kingdom Lake, is one of the most versatile airshow performers on the circuit today, flying full-blown airshows in multiple types of aircraft. Flying in planes from the antique Bucker Jungmeister to the historic P-51 Mustang, David never fails to entertain the crowd.